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 Request Form FAQ

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PostSubject: Request Form FAQ   Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:58 am

I've written up this faq to try to clear up any questions you may have when filling out the request forms.

For Residential Lots
1. Your Name:
Obviously we can see your username in your post, but if you want to be more personal with us, you can tell us your nickname or real first name. Or just put your username, it's up to you.

2. Requested builder?
If you have a favorite builder from our team, or one who you think will be perfect for this particular request, then put their username here. If you don't care which team member builds your request, then just leave this blank or you can say "Anyone" or something along those lines.

3. Type of build (modern/gothic etc):
Not everyone has a picture of the exact house they want us to build, but that doesn't mean you don't know what style you want. Want a quaint victorian home, or maybe a gothic castle? Whatever style you want your home to be, you tell us here.

4. Lot Size:
10x10...40x40? It's not always clear based on the request how big of a lot you want. You may ask for a small home, but want a big yard.

5. Link to specific house or plan:
Find a picture of your dream home on the interenet and want it made for your sims? Or maybe you want your sims to live in a home from your favorite show. Provide a link to the pics and we will do our best to recreate it for you!

6. # of bedrooms:
I think this one is pretty straight forward. How many bedrooms do you want us to make for this house?

7. Bedroom themes:
Do you need a bedroom for girls/boys? Do you need a room for grandma/grandpa? Maybe for a goth teen? If you know what types of sims you need the bedrooms for then let us know. If you don't have a preference then leave this blank. Keep in mind if for example, you want 3 bedrooms, but only specify how to decorate one then we will use our discretion as to how to decorate the rest.

8. Favorite color schemes:
Just another detail to help us make your dream home. Maybe you hate green and don't want it in your home, or maybe you love it and want it in everyroom. Maybe you just love the way red and black look together, let us know! If you don't have a preference you can leave this blank!

9. Which (if any) types of pets will live here?:
If your sims have a cat, we want it to have a bowl and a scratch post! (You get the idea)

10. Special Requirements (garden/pool etc):
This is where you'd tell us anything else you have in mind for your home. Maybe you want a heart-shaped pool for your lot, or a gym and a gameroom in the house.

11. Do you want it furnished:
Do you want us to put furniture in or do you want to do that yourself so you can do it your own way?

12. Do you want it decorated:
Similar to the above question, do you want us to add decor like plants and paintings.

13. Which Ep's/Sp's do you have?:
No point in us using items you don't have! Let us know all of the expansions and stuff packs you have for sims 3 and we will do our best to only use items from those packs!

14. Can 3rd party CC be used?:
3rd party CC is custom content that is NOT made by EA. We would only use free custom content and we would check it with custard to make sure it was safe before putting it in our own games. But if you don't want anything not by EA or you don't want to clutter up with new custom content, just say no.

15. Can store content be used?:
This questions pertains to items sold in the official online store that is on thesims3.com.

16. Which store content do you have? (If you say we can use anything in the store it is not our responsibility to gift items you don't have):
If you said yes to the question above, then let us know what items we can use from the store. If you have the entire store or don't mind buying new items you can simply say that we can use ALL store items. If you don't have everything and don't want to have to buy anything new to use your lot then tell us specifically what you do have like: "You can use the bauhaus set and anything from Hidden Springs" (just an example)

17. Can T-Mobile/Dr.Pepper be use? If so which?:
The companies T-Mobile and Dr. Pepper both had promotions where you could get unique items for theSims3. If you didn't know about these promotions then it's safe to say you most likely don't have any of these items. If you do have some or all of these items you would answer this much like the store question above. Like: "I have all of the T-Mobile items" or "I have the car and movie theater from Dr. P." (examples)

Now for commercial lots the questions are basically the same with some small exceptions like instead of "type of build" it asks you "type of business" where you would specify if you wanted a laundromat/nightclub etc.

If you still have questions about the request forms, feel free to ask them here in this thread!
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Request Form FAQ
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